20 Photos From Old Albums That Made Us Feel Nostalgic

4 years ago

Everyone knows how nice it feels to pick up an old photo album from time to time and dive into our memories. In most cases, we had only one chance to make photos which is why not all of them were perfect. And this is what makes them so charming today.

The people from this article were brave enough to share their photos with the Internet and we at Bright Side decided to share these pictures with you.

“My mother said I would regret this photo. No regrets, Mom!”

“Me in 2004 when all I ever watched was Fight Club and The Matrix. I was so cool, I had to wear 2 pairs of sunglasses.”

“I’m the albino robot who’s dressed like an 8-year-old boy.”

“My dad always thought this haircut looked incredible on me. My mom thought the shirt was incredible. Looking back at the second grade me is incredible. I’m a female.”

“High school graduation photo — the days I felt invincible...”

“14-year-old me Photoshopping out my dad for Britney Spears — this is just so toxic.”

“Too cool for words...”

“My mom is making the most of her time at home by going through old pics. This gem right here — I think the cat was the photographer’s.”

“My outfit during a snowfall in May 2004”

“1993 in a homemade unicorn costume”

“My dad and I made a planking Christmas card back in the day.”

“Me on my eighth birthday, getting the Nintendo DS I raved about”

“Me circa seventh grade”

“13-year-old me being a fan”

“I thought I was so cool in 2005.”

“It seemed like a good idea at the time...”

“My brother and I were preparing for a fight.”

“My mom and I in 1992”

“I thought I looked like the Cheshire Cat.”

“Me in 2006, trying so hard to be edgy...”

We’d love to see more photos from people’s youth and childhood, so share the old photos from your albums!

Preview photo credit Made_lion / Reddit


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The man in the second photo looks both weird and cool ?


I have a feeling that the guy half bald is a cool man. Idk why haha


The few years my sister had her Justin Bieber phase were the worst few years of my life


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