15 People Whose Personal Wins Are More Precious to Them Than Leo DiCaprio’s First Oscar

year ago

Many of us can probably remember how we felt when Leonardo Di Caprio finally won his first Oscar in 2016. His journey to receiving this award became somewhat of a legend and also a symbol of what happens if you don’t give up no matter how far your dream goal is. Today’s article is about people who also had something to reach in mind and put all their effort and creativity forward to hit their target.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve found 15 people whose achievements make them as happy as superstars who finally got their recognition. We’d love for you to dive into the world of epic wins together with us.

1. “It’s easy to forget how much weight we’ve lost until we compare pictures.”

2. “My wife had one of ’those days’ yesterday, so I wanted to do something special for her.”

3. “I’m doing it! So tough, but I’m glad I’ve kept at it.”

4. “Down 101 lb from April 2021, I couldn’t be happier.”

5. “5 months ago, I got my teeth pulled and got dentures. Today, I have my real dentures and I feel amazing!”

6. “I beat anorexia! Took many years.”

7. “Obese all my life, I’ve finally found the right path toward nutrition.”

8. “She beat cancer while smiling every day. One year later, she is still smiling.”

9. “I’ve been using makeup as a distraction. Here are my most recent looks.”

10. “Waited almost 2 years for this moment. I am literally half the person I once was.”

11. “We met on an online streaming site 11 years ago and finally met for the first time in person. Cheers to a long life together!”

12. “Same spot, 2 years apart!”

13. “Same room, about 2 years apart, same T-shirt too”

14. “Pizza-cat progress pic!”

15. “Finally finished the summer dress.”

Which of these wins and gains would you like to achieve? What is your personal achievement that you are especially proud of?

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