15 Photos Showing How Our World Has Changed Over the Last 50 Years

3 years ago

The world has evolved tremendously during the past 50 years. Both technology and social media have played a huge role in society’s progression. People changed their ways of thinking, they became more tolerant while at the same time, more careless and extroverted. There are, however, a few things that will always be missed — for example, the simplicity of life during that time.

Bright Side has collected some images that show significant changes in various aspects of life in the past 50 years and wants to share them with our readers.

1. Couples at the beach

2. Painting

3. Christmas family portraits

4. Girls riding motorcycles

5. Fashion photography

6. Men’s fashion

7. Girls taking pictures with their car

8. Girls walking down the street

9. Taking a taxi

10. Kids on the train

11. Girls’ night out

12. People at festivals

13. Kids playing outside

14. Couples dancing

15. Grocery shopping

Is there anything that you miss about the old days? What do you like about the 2018 era now? Please let us know in the comments section below.

Preview photo credit vladghat / reddit, Lewy-G / reddit


Well I guess I am an old soul because I love almost everything about how the things used to be in the past
How about the old fashioned butcher store and pharmacist or druggists? You can get your meds NOW and rarely wait for longer than a couple mins. Drive thrus? Indeed, many changes happened there. Drive-Ins? Not. obsolete. Door to door salesman. selling fruit, knives even. and there was always the old black man with all his good brooms. (here anyway) and all the dog breeds we have now and pit bulls swept the country like they were poured gold! I remember having one before anyone even knew anything about them. 1976, he was a handful. The AKC did not recognize them as a breed at all. Swimming pools had a low and high board so kids could be daring and gutzy! Now they wont even insure the pools if they even HAVE a high board. That makes it easy for the wanna be spring board diver. NOT. And they wonder why kids dont get out more- to do what? skateboard? hopscotch? And last but certainly not least: CHIVALRY!
The preponderance of Cell Phones, Laptops, Online Sellers, and selfless being replaced by selfish tells it all. I belong to a byegone era - and still live more or less the same way - so to get a degree of accuracy in this quiz - answers have to be clustered age wise with points too. The pictures were very interesting though - keep it up for want for anything better to do in this changing world - unlikely that you all would be playing games in playfields .....

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