15 Photos That Allow Us to Travel Through Time

2 years ago

We have probably all noticed that time flies when we’re having fun. Weekends pass so much quicker than let’s say a Monday together with a Tuesday. Researchers agree: our emotions actually affect the way we perceive time. However, the world around us is changing at a steady irreversible speed no matter whether we feel it or not.

We at Bright Side found 15 striking comparisons of what our world looked like before vs now, and we are eager to share them with you!

1. Mont-St.-Michel, France

2. Giza, Egypt

3. New York, USA

4. Mataró, Spain

5. Vienna, Austria

6. Hong Kong

7. Bergamo, Italy

8. Paris, France

9. Istanbul, Turkey

10. Denpasar, Indonesia

11. Vienna, Austria

12. New York, USA

13. Bali, Indonesia

14. Arica, Chile

15. Agra, India

What did the place where you live look like 100 years ago?


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