15+ Photos That Prove a Beard Changes Everything

year ago

Even some short stubble can change a man’s face — it makes them look more masculine and their cheekbones more prominent. And a beard can make a man look like a completely different person. To make sure we’re telling the truth, read this article.

And in the bonus section, you’ll find a guy who approached the matter very seriously and first checked how he would look with a beard with the help of Photoshop before growing it.

“What have I done?! Maybe I should grow it back or try a different style.”

“You look like a dwarven smith forging mighty weapons.”

“I finally hit 50 pounds down and decided to try a beard out for the first time.”

“I was growing this beard for 3 months.”

“Am I better looking with or without a beard?”

“How my beard is growing”

“My beard evolution: 2019, 2020, 2022”

“To anyone thinking, ’Shave it all,’ don’t do it!”

“2 years ago, I decided to let it all just grow out.”

“It’s 1 month between the photos. And the first photo was taken about 2-3 weeks after I shaved clean.”

“One year of beard growth!”

“8 years ago, I started growing my beard.”

“Stubble or clean-shaven?”

“My 6-month beard growing journey”

“November will be the fourth birthday of my beard. I’m pretty proud of my face mane.”

“It’s the first time in almost a decade that I’m clean-shaven.”

“Baby face to lumberjack”

Bonus: “I aged my face in Photoshop and realized that without a beard, I looked like a sad grandma. And with a beard, I look like a vigorous old guy. So I decided to grow one.”

Do you think men look better with a beard or without one?

Preview photo credit Winged_Wheel / Reddit


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the guy who has grown his beard for 8 years doesnt seem to be the same. different eye colour, on the right cheek the mole disappeared, the wrinkles in the forehead are on the left, and then on the right. ussualy you accentuate the same wrinkles by the movements of the face.


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