15+ Pics That Prove Dogs and Cats Have Special Relationships

3 years ago

It seems that cats and dogs were made to be eternal nemesis... or not? The relationships between them are as different as night and day: while some manage to become best friends, others keep taking a toll on each other. And the characters of our article will prove this to you.

We at Bright Side love when animals find friends in each other and we also like it when they give us another reason to smile at their funny faces that are annoyed with some unwanted neighbors. And these 15+ pics will show what the cat-dog relationship is all about. Don’t miss our bonus at the end!

Friendship knows no size.

“Snagged this gem this morning.”

It’s all mine!

“I’ll be there by your side no matter what!”

“I couldn’t figure out why my cat’s diet wasn’t working...”

“Sarah (dog) stole a bite of Stella’s food and Stella came running to me in the kitchen to literally complain about it.”

Love is all you need!

“The cat’s been super anxious from the day we found her on the street and still has her moments, and her best friend Lacey is always there for her in her anxious times.”

“Maybe it’s the spilled box of toys, but I have the strangest feeling George and Dexter are trying to tell me something.”

“About a month ago, I introduced my new dog to my cat. Here’s how their relationship is progressing.”

All tucked in and snuggled up!

“We adopted a stray kitten a few days ago, Kona has loved playing momma.”

A moment of affection

“Is there anything you want to scold me for?”

“Oddly enough, Penny is the little spoon.”

The weight of real friendship

Bonus: Dog-cat relationship in one picture

Are you the happy owner of a dog and a cat? How are they getting along? Please show us their pics in the comments!


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