15+ Pics That Prove Kids Aren’t for the Faint of Heart

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Parenthood is a rollercoaster, with its ups and downs. But sometimes kids do something incredibly funny that makes you forget about all the difficulties and allows you to breath for a moment.

1. “He’s mad that I hugged his sister first.”

2. “Day 2 working from home with this little terror”

3. “I thought I lost $350 and then 3 months later I found it in my 4-year-old’s room.”

4. “My 8 y.o. got angry with us. It’s permanent marker and acrylic paint.”

5. “My friend’s daughter + flowers”

6. “My son found my ’fishing rods.’”

7. “My daughter looks like she just destroyed an entire Sith army.”

8. “These are the crystals my 6 y.o. daughter made and put in my coat. I was reminded they were in my coat during my visit to the city county building.”

9. “Left the room for a couple minutes, came back, and my 3 y.o. had broken the child lock on the fridge and gotten into the eggs.”

10. “Kid’s toothbrush after one month of regular use.”

11. “I might need to have a talk with my daughter, but I’m not sure what I’d even say.”

12. “My niece was mad that the server took her plate. She was done eating. There was no food left...”

13. “My younger brother thought it was a great idea to get a stain out with these 3 things.”

14. “He got down the hard way.”

15. “When you win your first game of Uno, but you’re mad that you ran out of cards.”

16. “She is pouting because she wasn’t born before me even though I’m 17 and she’s 4.”

17. “That smirking face! So proud of her work.”

How did you make your parents laugh when you were a kid? What is the most hilarious thing your child has done recently? Share your stories in the comments below!


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A parents life is loving your child to no end yet hating other ppls.


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