15+ Pics That Prove Every Minute With a Kid Is a Burst of Surprises

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2 years ago

study has found that some children can start appreciating humor at as early as at 1-month-old, and 50% of kids begin to make their own jokes around 11 months. And whether they are trying to make us deliberately laugh or not, we have to admit that children spread humor and love wherever they go. Because, as we watch them discover life with their curious and innocent minds, we realize how pure and genuine their souls really are.

Bright Side thinks that a child is like a flowing fountain of cuteness that never ends. Here are some children that made us their number one fan.

1. ’’I think my son enjoyed his first time in the snow.’’

2. ’’My daughter fell asleep on a mat.’’

3. ’’My nephew and his favorite sleeping buddy’’

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4. ’’My newborn holding my finger minutes after she was born’’

5. ’’My nephew adoring the chicks’’

6. ’’My daughter insists on being rolled up like a burrito every day.’’

7. ’’My niece copying my dad’s infamous dad walk’’

8. ’’My son has swagger.’’

9. ’’My daughter wore sunglasses for the first time today.’’

10. ’’My daughter stands at the window waiting for me to get home from work.’’

11. ’’My cousin got a new puppy and her son insisted on keeping him company during his first night.’’

12. ’’My 2-week-old son vs My burrito’’

13. ’’My boyfriend snapped this picture of our son on a hike.’’

14. ’’My daughter matching her auntie’’

15. ’’I caught my kiddo kissing the kitten.’’

16. ’’My daughter and her best friend’’

What do you think the secret is that makes children so lovable? What is the most important thing we can learn from them?

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