16 People Shared Unforgettable Delivery Room Moments That Will Make You Giggle

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2 months ago

Children are the joy and happiness of marriages, and the pregnancy process can take forever to get to know them. Although laborious for mothers, fathers and the rest of the family make the delivery process marvelously funny, joking around and taking pictures. Even though this looks like a bad idea, it will result in great memories in the future.

1. “The shirt I made while my wife was in labor.”

2. “Today I welcomed my first child into the world. Here’s a photo of me waking up after passing out in the OR.”

3. “I wore this custom shirt during my wife’s labor. Wife was not amused.”

4. “Her husband went to the pregnancy room with her to cheer her up.”

5. “So my friend gave birth to an 80-year-old man.”

6. “My wife is 24hrs into labor. I’m doing my best to help.”

7. “When your wife is in labor but Pokemon is life.”

8. “I’m sitting in Labor and Delivery waiting for our daughter to arrive.”

9. In the end, it’s worth the wait.

10. “My wife checked in to the hospital this morning to be induced. This is how we decorated the delivery room.”

11. “Punched my first ticket today. Mom and son are both doing great.”

12. Magical pregnancy

13. “My son also gave us the OK shortly after birth.”

14. “A friend gave birth today with no epidural or pain meds. Here she is asking boyfriend if he’s okay.”

15. “My sister gave birth to a ninja turtle.”

16. She really had bad timing with this labor thing.


Dads can play the kids’ role even after they have kids. Their natural instinct to spread joy and laugh doesn’t stop to amaze us.


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