20 Unbeatable Dads Whose Jokes Will Make You Giggle Till the Rest of the Day

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4 years ago

We believe that once a man becomes a father for the very first time, a new chakra of humor is opened in them. After this, they can never go back and be the same. From now on, their main goal is to show that it’s better to never take our life seriously because it’s the key ingredient to happy days without drama. And this is what we value about them.

Bright Side had the pleasure of finding the funniest dads on the Internet to show you the best examples of these jokes.

20. “I stopped by my dad’s to hang out, went to the bathroom, and this is what he did to his toilet.”

19. When it’s your responsibility to prepare your kids for adult life:

18. “My doctor told me to increase my sodium intake. So my dad sent me a 4-lb rock salt lick.”

17. “Dad’s toilet seat cracked and it ’bit’ him. He put this warning up for others.”

16. “If I pay the bills, it’s only me who can control the thermostat.”

15. Well, at least she’s got an honest father.

14. “My dad said he sorted it by color.”

13. “My dad recently got a 3D printer and made a stool sample for his doctor.”

12. A short guide on how to develop new skills:

11. “I asked my dad to leave the straightener outside the door before his shower...”

10. We can just imagine what the person outside was thinking.

9. “This year, my dad drilled a hole in a piece of wood to hide a ring box for my mom. Here is her look of ‘too many years of this crap.’ ”

8. “My dad said he found a frog in the bathroom and needed me to get it.”

7. “I needed my wife and daughters to smile during a photo shoot, so I told a dad joke.”

6. Because fathers are always watching you...

5. We hear that mistakes can be our best teachers.

4. When your dad is responsible for decorating the house for Halloween:

3. This looks like a classic dad joke.

2. “I asked my dad for a 640 GB HDD for my birthday.”

1. “My dad came home and poured this over me and my sister. He stood and watched for a minute and then walked away looking disappointed.”

Do you remember any jokes that your father used to make? Tell us — make us smile!

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