15+ Powerful Stories That Can Make Your Heart Sink Into Your Boots

2 years ago

Sometimes we all may want to watch a movie that can stir up many emotions. Scientists claim that people who feel empathetic and even cry during movies, in fact, have a hidden strength in them. But there are real-life stories that are even more emotional than the most dramatic movies. They certainly can make us feel a whole range of emotions, from a sincere joy to a sentimental cry.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve collected 16 real-life stories that can make even a cold-hearted person have all the feels. We’d love for you to ride this emotional rollercoaster together with us.

1. “34 weeks gestation and 3 days in the NICU and he just had his first bath and clothes. I’m so proud of him.”

2. “My daughter meeting her 91-year-old great grandmother — it’s the first time we’ve seen her cry.”

3. “My girlfriend and I have been going to the same aquarium for the last 4 years.”

“Little did we know we’d be chronicling some major changes.”

4. “Last year was a little stressful, but it was worth it for the smile on her face now.”

5. “This is Nick. He saved my little girl’s life last week. She nearly drowned and he gave her CPR. She says he’s a superhero. He is!”

6. “My dad was there when I graduated high school, but he passed away so he didn’t see my college graduation yesterday.”

7. “Emily was born 3 1/2 months premature, gave us such a scare. You’d never know it now!”

8. “My mom played both parental roles for many years. Here we are on Father’s Day, 32 years later.”

9. “My daughter is really shy around people, but on her granddad’s last day she held his hand for the first time.”

10. “After 15 years, I finally figured out how to get my parents back together...for a moment.”

11. “One year ago today, my friend lost all 4 limbs. Here’s to a year of incredible progress!”

12. “After almost 8 years of infertility and 7 miscarriages, this morning we finally got to welcome our daughter into the world!”

13. “I was a teen mom. This is my baby last weekend. Not all teen parents are doomed to fail. ”

14. “Today she got to meet her bigger half-sister. Her first sentence to her was: ’Hey, wake up.’”

15. “This is me the day my mom’s boyfriend became my dad. Just because he wasn’t blood doesn’t mean he wasn’t the best father.”

16. “This was the first time I held my niece, I had no idea at the time I would later adopt her.”

What is a moment in your life that you find the most memorable? What emotions does it make you feel? Tell us your own powerful story in the comments!

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