Harry Potter Fans Are Stunned to Discover What Dudley Actually Says in the Iconic Scene After Seeing the Subtitles

10 months ago

The famous scene from the first Harry Potter movie caused a lot of stir. After fans watched it with subtitles, they realized that Dudley’s phrase is a bit different. Now fans can’t agree on what he actually says. Some believe that it changes their whole perception of Dudley.

The famous scene resurfaced on TikTok.

In the famous scene, Dudley Dursley runs up the stairs and stomps to wake up Harry. He shouts, “We’re going to the zoo!” Dursley then goes down the stairs, pushes Harry back to his cupboard and kicks the door.

The captions confused the fans.

Fans admit they always thought Dudley shouted, “Wake up, Potter!” In fact, the subtitles say, “Wake up, cousin!” One user shared this discovery on TikTok, and now fans divided into two camps — the ones who hear “Potter” and others who think it’s “cousin”.

The opinions divided.

The comment section blew up. One user assured, “Idk where y’all are getting this from, it’s always been cousin, Dudley isn’t Malfoy.” Another said, “It’s literally potter what are you guys on.” Someone referenced the famous auditory illusion, “New Yanny/Laurel just dropped.” Others decided to sit on the fence, “I hear both.”

The meaning behind the debates.

Some fans believe that calling Harry a “cousin” doesn’t make sense. One user explains, “Cousin is a weirdly formal thing to call him, especially as Vernon treats Harry like an outsider most of the time. ’Cousin’ suggests they have an emotional connection; ’Potter’ just emphasizes he isn’t a Dursley, which is exactly what Vernon wants.”

Another user explains why it can’t be ’Potter’, “I think the director’s choice to set the stage by explaining who Dudley was to Harry was to address him as cousin, rather than by name.”

It’s been a long time since the first movie was released. You might want to check out this article and find out how some characters from Harry Potter changed. Some of them are truly unrecognizable!


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