A Balding Man Decided to Tattoo a Fringe on His Forehead, Tattoo Artist Is “Very Happy With the Work”

5 months ago

A 26-year-old man found an unconventional solution to his balding problem. Instead of doing any possible hair treatments, he decided to get creative with his look and tattoo a fringe on his forehead. The video in which the tattoo artist shows the whole process and the man’s reaction to it has been seen over 27 million times. It’s a must-watch!

The episode happened in Italy.

In a viral clip, posted to TikTok, a tattoo artist named Maria Gina Altobelli shows how she was tasked by a customer, Gianluca, to ink permanent “bangs” on his forehead, in the hopes of salvaging his receding hairline. “My client has always dreamed of bangs and I granted his wish,” is the caption on the video, written in Italian.

Maria showed the entire process, from applying the stencil to Gianluca’s forehead to his reaction. The latter made it difficult to understand whether he liked it or not, as the 26-year-old is seen covering his face with his hands as soon as he takes a look in the mirror.

Since uploading the video, the artist has revealed that, although she was stunned by the request, she still decided to proceed with the job. “Obviously, I was skeptical when he asked me for that tattoo, but in the end, I’m very happy with the work,” she said. “It took us an hour to do it because I’ve been tattooing for six years now, so I’m very fast.”

Many people expressed their opinions on the final look, with some claiming Gianluca looked as if he completely regretted it. “The instant regret when he looked in the mirror,” one user wrote; “I don’t think he’s crying because he’s happy,” someone else added.

You can watch the video in full here:

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Preview photo credit gypsygtattooer / TikTok


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