Man Got His Wife’s Most Unflattering Photo Tattooed on Him, and This Is What We Call True Love

6 months ago

Love can be shown in different ways, and some people get really creative in proving their feelings to their significant others. Jarrod Grove, a man from Queensland, pulled a prank on his wife that only initially seems like a prank. But in fact, this is the demonstration of the sweetest side of a relationship, which is loving another person’s most awkward features and actions. Let’s take a look at how Jarrod managed to make his wife laugh and cry at the same time.

The ultimate husband prank left his wife with so many emotions.

Jarrod Grove, 28, absolutely loves to prank his wife, Tegan, 30. This time, he did it by getting a picture of her making a funny face tattooed onto his body.

The couple is very fond of playing jokes on each other, but Jarrod dared to up his game with this hilarious tattoo, which made his wife cry at first.

Jarrod explained that Tegan likes to make this face to get people to laugh, but she could never imagine it would be caught on camera.

His wife’s funny face will stay with Jarrod forever.

Jarrod explained his decision, saying: “She hates the face that she pulls but I love it and the fact that she hated the photo of her pulling this face so much, I just had to get it tattooed.”

He then added, “It showed her personality so raw and true her honest self. She’s the funniest person I know and this face makes me happy because it’s just her. She had no idea that I was getting it done, I could not wait to come home and see Tegan’s reaction.”

He was prepared for literally anything. He says, “I knew it would go one of 2 ways, either we would laugh together or I’d never see this girl ever again. I guess I’m lucky she has a decent sense of humor.”

His wife’s reaction was like an erupting volcano.

Jarrod tells a whole story while describing his wife’s controversial reaction to the prank. He says, “She cried a lot at first, then laughed a lot, and then cried again while googling laser companies. But in the end, she just threw her hands up and laughed it off.”

People absolutely loved the idea. The video has amassed more than 4.5 million views, leaving people in stitches. “Everyone has been very supportive of the tattoo. I’ve had some people asking what would happen if we got a divorce, and I guess I’d get laser. However, our relationship is so tight, that wouldn’t happen,” says Jared.

He puts it simple, saying, “We laugh all the time. She’s my soulmate and nothing will change as long as we are laughing.

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Its called passive aggressive behaviour. they'll be in the divorce courts soon they won't be laughing then .

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