15+ Striking Photos That Honestly Show What Celebrities Over 45 Look Like Without Photoshop

4 years ago

Over the last couple of decades, Photoshop has become an integral part of most advertising campaigns as it helps to sell goods in the best way possible. Nowadays even videos get edited! Editing improves photos making them brighter, sharper, and helping them to get the “right” colors. It also makes our favorite models and actresses look like they’ve never changed over the years as ordinary people do.

Bright Side is sure that aging is a completely natural process and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. We compared celebrities with and without Photoshop editing to see how they’ve changed.

16. Salma Hayek, 52 years old

15. Gwyneth Paltrow, 46 years old

14. Celine Dion, 51 years old

13. Uma Thurman, 48 years old

12. Cindy Crawford, 53 years old

11. Halle Berry, 52 years old

10. Rachel Weisz, 49 years old

9. Jennifer Garner, 46 years old

8. Naomi Watts, 50 years old

7. Kate Beckinsale, 45 years old

6. Nicole Kidman, 51 years old

5. Jennifer Lopez, 49 years old

4. Julia Roberts, 51 years old

3. Cathrine Zeta-Jones, 49 years old

2. Julianne Moore, 58 years old

1. Sharon Stone, 61 years old

What do you think: which woman still has her charisma and will never lose it no matter how old she is? Let us know about your choice in the comments!


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Yep, and then girls look at these plastic photos and think this is how "a beautiful girl" should look. Sad.


Show me photos of ordinary, WORKING women - not actresses and celebrities who have money for expensive cosmetic treatments.


I think they look way better, way more natural and attractive without photoshop. Would be cool if they used their real faces on the magazines covers!


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