15+ Things Our Pets Do When We’re Not Looking

2 years ago

The cartoon, The Secret Life of Pets showed us exactly what our pets do when we’re not home. And we think that real life is very similar: our pets don’t spend their days looking out the window waiting for us and they certainly don’t sleep next to the door. On the contrary, once we leave home, they start having as much fun as possible.

Bright Side found out how 16 cats and dogs entertain themselves when nobody is watching.

16. “This is my dog’s favorite sleeping position.”

15. Now, that’s fashion.

14. “I like it, human.”

13. “I looked away for like, one second.”

12. “He likes to dig a hole and then sit in it and watch things go on all day.”

11. “She looked guilty for a split second, then continued on her rampage.”

10. “After her very first walk”

9. “She’s just sleeping.”

8. “Human, do you remember the documents you were so worried about? We got rid of them!”

7. “Forgot to put my butter away...”

6. “Took some clothes out of storage. Left the room for 15 seconds and came back to see this.”

5. “My husky enjoying the view from my car”

4. “We gave him some meds because he’s scared of thunderstorms and this was how he sat.”

3. “This seems like a good spot to take a drink.”

2. “I came back home and found my dog stuck in my sweater.”

1. “You can call me Your Majesty.”

What do you think your pets do when you’re not looking? Please share their photos in the comments!

Preview photo credit b3tarev3 / flickr


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