15 Things That Are So Cool That You’d Want to Take Them Home Immediately

7 months ago

Things with unusual design always attract attention. And the heroes of our today’s article got things just like this — they are ordinary in terms of functionality, but have eye-catching design. And to be honest, we are slightly jealous.

“My roommate bought a patch that looks exactly like her cat.”

“It used to be a cookie jar with a lid, but the lid was missing and I ended up planting a plant in it.”

“I bought watering spikes for my plants.”

“These ridiculously adorable dinosaur mugs. I don’t need more mugs, but I couldn’t not bring these home!”

“This stress ball that my doctor gave me is shaped like a brain.”

“I collect blue glass and husband surprised me with this!”

“This is a vintage cobalt blue molded glass pendant set in Sterling, marked 925.”

“This ‘snidget’ spinner I found at a small local book store.”

“I’ve wanted this thing for a long time. I’ve been looking for it for a very long time, and here I have it. It’s a vintage spice set.”

“I got a ring that’s over 100 years old.”

“A Goodwill gem, only $6. It’s already hung up in our house.”

“I found this insane Paul Smith coat at a thrift store.”

“Couldn’t find anything like it, so I figured I’d send them an email over. Turns out it’s a part of an old collection that they didn’t have in their archives. Sent me a postage label to get it to them, so they could picture it professionally! Even sent it back in a garment bag and lovely box.”

“Let me present the onion cat to you.”

“I found a ring that looked like a hand!”

“I found these guys at an antique store for $19 each.”

“Then I looked up the signature on the bottom which ended up being ‘Lalique France.’ Retail value on them is around $3,000 for the pair.”

“Chariot frog I picked up today from marketplace. Don’t bother pretending you’re not jealous.”

Impulse purchases of cute things can make you really happy sometimes even if people around you think you’ve gone crazy.

Preview photo credit HonestConcentrate3** / Reddit


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