18 Photos That May Make You Want to Embrace the Memories You’ve Lived

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Our faces show how much time has passed, and we often need photos to bring back memories or create beautiful moments that we can share with our loved ones. We love taking lots of pictures to remember all of the cool things that happen to us every day.

Bright Side found 18 new versions of old photos that will make you feel like you’re traveling through time.

1. “My husband and me in 1990 and 2017”

2. “My grandma and dad in 1966 and 2020”

3. “My sister, mother, and me at the Kennedy Space Center in 1992 and 2022”

4. “My sister and me in 1992 and 2014”

5. “My son graduated high school yesterday. I was almost the same age as him when he was born.”

6. “Giving my boys a ride and my boys giving me a ride”

7. “I’ve been told I look like my grandma. I didn’t realize it until I found a few pics of her.”

8. “70 years apart, my son and my dad at Trafalgar Square, London”

9. “I found out he still looks at me the same way as when we started dating 5 years ago. This is dating vs our wedding day.”

10. “My great-grandmother in 1950 and myself now”

11. “Who doesn’t like cheesy pic recreations? Here are my siblings and me and our mom, approximately 20 years apart.”

12. “My daughter, age 2 in 1998 on the left, and my granddaughter, age 2 in 2019 on the right”

13. “My mom and me getting ’called to the bar’ as lawyers 35 years apart in 1981 vs 2016”

14. “3 sisters, 37 years apart — I don’t know why it took us so long to make one of these.”

15. “2 photographs of my nana, taken 71 years apart”

16. "Best friends after 26 years’’

17. ’’20 years later’’

18. ’’When my little brother was just born vs now — there are 13 years between us.’’

Is there anything in your photos that shows how certain individuals and circumstances have stayed the same throughout the years?

Preview photo credit MeelinFelo / Reddit


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