15+ Times Mother Nature Took a Creativity Pill and Produced Some Real Masterpieces

2 years ago

tree that looks like it crafted a human baby with its trunk, and a sea slug that at first seems like a plant are just a couple of examples that show how creative nature is. It’s only when we truly open our eyes that we will be able to see that nature’s art is nothing but pure perfection.

We at Bright Side had a hard time deciding which images should go here because all of nature’s creations seemed alluring, with their own beauty.

1. Canaries with natural wigs

2. “Walking Mesquite in the Sonoran Desert”

3. “Exotic, beautiful, and rare Patagonian crater agate only found in Argentina!”

4. “I found this Lion’s Mane fungus on a hike today in central Massachusetts.”

5. A Jewel Caterpillar

6. A moth that looks like a cuddly toy.

7. “Pinecone with mushrooms growing from it”

8. “Really cool grasshopper”

9. “This blackberry my sister found is in the shape of a heart.”

10. “A leaf I found on my walk today.”

11. “A tree takes over an old building in Croatia.”

12. “This butterfly orchid flower with a face on it.”

13. “I found this puffball mushroom on the North Shore of Massachusetts. It’s about the size of a cherry tomato.”

14. “I couldn’t believe the leaf sheep sea slug is actually a real animal.”

15. The Triop shrimp can breathe through its feet and it is older than the dinosaurs.

16. “This tree looks like it has a baby growing out of it. It’s not a doll, I checked.”

Which one did you like the most from this list and why? What is your favorite plant and animal? Do you have some similar pics to share with us?

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no: 8 & 16 WOW! There are some stunners in this lot!
no: 8 that Grasshopper seems to have every colour available. I'm an animal person and l'll be honest some of these l've never seen or heard of! So thank you for the Information and Education! 👍😀💜🌹🇦🇺


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