15 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up a Life With Toddlers

4 years ago

If it’s too quiet it means a storm is coming. We’ll never get used to our toddler’s mischief, because you can never know what strange new idea of theirs is waiting around the corner. But no matter how challenging it can be, our lives will never be boring again.

For us, at Bright Side, reading the tweets about a life with toddlers is always fun and we want to share those tweets with all of you.

1. Wet socks can mean anything.

2. Toddlers and phones

3. Please turn off the water.

4. The best story ever

5. Love me later

6. Crying can happen for the strangest reasons.

7. Toddlers and relationship problems

8. No matter what, toddler age is the funniest.

9. When even toys can’t help us:

10. Silence is never good with a toddler in the house.

11. Things can and will escalate quickly.

12. It looks so real.

13. Definitely didn’t expect to see that

14. Shopping for clothes is just not the same anymore.

15. It definitely wasn’t them.

What are your special moments that sum up your life with a toddler? Share them with us, it’ll be fun.

Preview photo credit firesprinklerman / Reddit


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Maybe in #3 is just thinking about nature and don't want too much water to be used up! ?


These are so cute! The one "love me late" is too adorable ?


These reminded me so many things! My mom used to laugh at me because I knew every single word from the lyrics of my favorite TV shows ?‍♀️?


I agree with 11! People who still don't have kids: look at number 11 please ??


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