15 Unusual Things Found in Nature That Left Us Wanting More

2 years ago

A one in a million find, such as mini fossils that look like confetti, can reveal nature’s creativity. The sheer size of a bald eagle’s feather reminds us how powerful the natural world is, and we sometimes forget this. We can’t help but smile at nature’s sense of humor when we discover a flower with a cheerful smiley face or a rare purple cauliflower.

Bright Side would like to share some of the most captivating photos with you, reminding us just how creative nature can be.

1. “I think my tomato plant is trying to tell me something.”

2. These smiling flowers

3. “Crinoid fossils can be found in UK rivers and were once thought to be fairy coins.”

4. This tomato and its little horns

5. “The rare purple cauliflower — its signature color comes from the same antioxidant found in red cabbage.”

6. “A ball of salt that I took out of the dead sea.”

7. “This pixelated leaf I found.”

8. “I found a massive bald eagle feather.”

9. This unreal looking sunset

10. This is what an eastern newt looks like.

11. “First bloom of my midnight tryst hibiscus — it’s really spectacular in person!”

12. The crystal clear waters of a lake in Montana

13. The pattern on this tree is really pretty to look at.

14. “This huge leaf, wife for scale.”

15. This creepy spider web found in a shoe.

What photos do you have that you can share with us? Which of these photos left you breathless?

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#5, ..not just in purple and white,l've seen in light orange and light yellow before


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