16 People Who Didn’t Want a Pet Cat but Those Whiskery Fluffies Had Other Plans

4 years ago

They say that in order to get a pet cat, all you need to do is put an empty box on the floor — a couple of minutes later, some fluffy is likely to appear in it. In reality, this process is a little bit more complicated. However, some of our article’s characters claim they got their pets almost out of thin air.

We at Bright Side know that nothing boosts your positive vibes better than a bunch of kind stories or a set of sweet pet photos. It works even better if they are combined in one article!

1. “My husband left me so I did what any other woman would do — I went shopping. I accidentally turned up at a cat exhibition. Suddenly one of them started to howl and scratch the glass. 5 minutes later, we were on our way home.”

2. “Once, when I got back home from work, I threw a towel on the floor and saw someone’s paw appear from under the bed trying to steal the towel. I decided to keep the cat.”

3. “A local stray cat gave birth to her kittens. Once, she decided to move them, but left one kitten behind. I found him almost breathless right on the road.”

4. “I was standing on my balcony and a cat jumped on it. I rubbed his head and then went around to my neighbors looking for his owner. No one recognized him.”

5. “When I was looking for a kitten to adopt, I had a choice between a British Shorthair, a Maine Coon, and a Sphynx cat. Later IT, with his ears covered in fuel oil came to my work and ate my lunch.”

6. “One fine night, 2 women brought a kitten to the hotel I was working at begging to find him home. I called everyone I could and eventually, kept the cat with me.”

7. “This is Darth Vader. He was brought to me with the following words, ‘If you don’t keep him with you, he will be eaten by dogs.’ So I kept him.”

8. “I bought a kitten for $25. He was sick and barely ate or drank. His ex-owner fed him mostly beer and put him in the trunk of her car to impress her friends at parties.”

9. “After work, we found a kitten under our car. Our hearts were touched and now he is a new locksmith in our brigade.”

10. “This cat had been adopted several times and returned, so it was decided to euthanize him. His story was featured on the radio in town and 3 friends of mine called me right after it! I couldn’t ignore this sign.”

11. “We picked up a black, uncastrated cat. He kept eating a lot and meowing all the time: let me in, let me out. We decided he had parasites. I started to watch him and found 3 of the same cat behind the curtains!”

12. “We went kayaking and heard kitten squeaks at night. We really just wanted to feed them, but ended up taking both of them home.”

13. “We picked up a cat on the street. Later we saw him on the staircase, thought he ran away, and brought him back home. Our first cat was at home waiting for us. We kept the second cat with us too.”

14. “In the morning, I woke up hearing a cat meowing. Btw, I didn’t have a cat. The sound seemed to be coming from the sofa, I cut open the sofa and took out the cat. I don’t know how he got there, but now he is mine!”

15. “I have passed by this cat 3 times today. I couldn’t do it a fourth time and took him home.”

16. “One and a half years ago, a kitten came to my apartment and I kept him. One year later, another kitten came to my apartment — I kept him too. Turned out, it was not a kitten but a pregnant cat who gave birth to 4 more.”

Share your story of getting a pet and make sure to show their photo in the comments so that your pet gets a bunch of “likes.”

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