16 Photos of Venice That Can Make Even Frequent Travelers Gasp With Amazement

9 months ago

Many tourists know Venice as a city with lots of canals and gondolas. But the heroes of our article made other discoveries that can change the way people think about this city, even if they’re frequent travelers.

At Bright Side, we love to learn new features of world cities and would like to invite you to see the peculiar features of Venice.

“This sandwich I bought in Venice — quite an unusual ratio of bread and filling.”

A flock of birds soaring across fiery skies above the iconic canals of Venice, Italy

Antique Burger King in Venice

“They look like ordinary balloons. But look closer. They are made from Venetian glass.”

“When I realized it, I stared at the shop window for about 5 minutes.”

“I found this in an upscale restaurant in Venice.”

“My only night in Venice, and I woke up early to catch this sunrise. It was worth it!”

Beautiful Venetian backyard

Package delivery in Venice

“In response to the 2 lamps in love from Turin, these 2 lamps in Murano, Venice.”

“I saw this on a boat in Venice.”

“My friend got this pizza in Venice.”

“These hands reaching out of the water in Venice”

“I always thought that the bottom of the canals in Venice was the actual sea floor. Boy, was I wrong.”

“The piece of art I bought from a street seller in Venice”

“The faces of Venice. After a few days, I started seeing faces everywhere.”

“One of the better photos from my visit to Venice”

What city do you dream of visiting? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit ShearWind / Imgur


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