16 Photos That Will Make You Feel Warm on a Cold Evening in February

4 years ago

Whatever happens in our world, there is always a place for good deeds and nice events —you just have to stop and notice them. The heroes of this article know how to make the coldest winter a bit warmer. They share their stories and happy moments online. And they receive thousands of likes in return.

At Bright Side, we believe that these photos will warm you up better than a cup of hot cocoa and a comfortable blanket. And we want to share some of their warmth with you.

“My little brother asked my Mom if he could start having pocket money (he didn’t say why) and for 8 weeks he saved every penny and asked me if I could take him shopping so he could buy my Mom something for Christmas.”

“My wedding dress didn’t arrive in time so I wore my mom’s 1960s wedding dress and it was perfect for our backyard ceremony.”

“I’m an orphan from Romania and I recently got adopted by a Canadian family. Here we are together. I’m in the middle.”

This student dancing with his granny at prom

The man wearing red got on the subway, he opened his folder, and started reading. A few stops later, a man got on and asked him, “What are you studying for? You look confused. Maybe I can help?” He said, “My son just failed a math test, and I am re-studying fractions so I can teach him.”

“After 5 and a half years together, my high school sweetheart and I are finally married. Our photographer caught a picture of us being us. I’ve never been happier.”

“I waited 32 years! Finally got my first pup!”

Today is the day!

When you get adopted after being in the shelter for 2 years:

“The first photo of my mom and dad together since they divorced when I was 9 months old. I’ve always wanted a family portrait.”

This little lady asked her husband to push her around so she could catch Pokémon while they waited to board their flight.

Prisoners from the brig walk dogs from a local animal shelter.

It’s finally raining in Australia!

Regrowth has already started from burned trees in Australia.

Grasses are already growing in the wake of the Australian wildfires.

“My boyfriend likes to complain about the cats. I don’t believe it anymore.”

What memories do you have that can warm you during this cold winter? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit 107bees / Reddit


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I think the girl who wore her mom's wedding dress looks beautiful like that! Every happens for a reason!


My heart just got melted with the guy dancing with his grandmother at his prom.


I can't believe anyone would adopt the dog with those cool eyes! So sad he had to live 2 years in a shelter...


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