16 Pics That Perfectly Describe What Living With Toddlers Looks Like

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2 years ago

Living with toddlers can be both wholesome and messy, but never boring. Toddlers love to cause chaos around the house, and other times they are such heart-warming, creative little individuals. However, this is part of their uniqueness, growth, and learning — nothing beats getting to know your child as they grow, with the exception of possibly breaking a computer screen.

Bright Side gathered 16 images that show what living with toddlers really looks like.

1. “Playing hide and seek with my sister”

2. “We are trying to get the baby into a routine for feeding.”

3. “Because I have too many $1 bills” -my daughter

4. “Toddler me just couldn’t resist the container cupboard.”

5. “The first bite my daughter took of her burrito.”

6. “No comment...”

7. “My 5-year-old niece decided to rearrange the items on the family fridge.”

8. “Told my son to put his clothes on...”

9. Toddlers think everything belongs to them.

10. “My sister put a sock in some perfectly good popcorn.”

11. “Toddler logic: hang a magnet with a magnet”

12. “My 2-year-old wanted to walk his dinosaur balloon.”

13. “Can anyone guess what happened to my makeup sponge? Mothers know.”

14. Some of them prefer to eat differently.

15. “I bought 6 donuts. She ate her 2 immediately. After telling her she couldn’t have my last donut, she did this.”

16. “A couple of my son’s hiding places.”

Do you have a toddler? What kind of masterpiece did your little buddy invent around the house?

Got some cool photos or stories and want to be featured on Bright Side? Send them all right HERE and right now. Meanwhile, we’re waiting!

Preview photo credit Jack_Adorime / reddit


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