16 Pics That Show What Love Looks Like When It Survives the Test of Time

2 years ago

Relationships can be hard to maintain, but not for everyone. From celebrating a 53rd wedding anniversary to meeting with your brothers 22 years later to recreate a childhood photo, some people hold the key to happily ever after. As softies, their pics make us glow!

Bright Side now invites you to check out a display of photos with heartwarming qualities.

1. “35 years ago I met this amazing man. Love him even more today.”

2. “My grandparents celebrating their 53rd anniversary.”

3. “12 years later. Forever my pupper.”

4. “22 years later. Took a ton of effort to pull this one off. Trying to find all the right clothes, including a No Fear shirt.”

5. “The very first professional photo I had taken with my mom and then our most recent one.”

6. “From 2009 to 2021.”

7. “My dad and his current girlfriend, 34 years later”

8. “11 years later and we’re both still cute.”

9. “My best friend from childhood and I posed for the same picture after 58 years.”

10. “My grandparents on their wedding day and then 65 years later”

11. “My grandpa and his roommates posed the same way 50 years later without planning it.”

12. “My grandparents had their wedding reception in 1957 and they recreated their ‘going away’ photograph 61 years later.”

13. “At age 4, I whispered sweet nothings into her ear. 24 years later, we’re getting married.”

14. “My parents when they first started dating, at 15, and again last month, 25 years later.”

15. “We’ve had the same picture frame that held our first military ball picture and now it holds our last.”

16. “Father’s Day about 31 years later. Then and now.”

What’s your longest relationship or friendship? Have you ever recreated an old childhood photo of yours with your family? Let your best stories and photos shine brighter than ever in the comments!

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