16 Reddit Users Who Welcomed Homeless Pets to Their Families and Made Them Happy

3 years ago

Nothing compares to the look full of love and gratitude that rescued pets give their humans, and the pictures of happy cats and dogs who’ve finally found their families say it all, better than words ever could. Those people who choose to adopt pets not only make one cat or dog happier, they change the whole world for the better and bring us closer to the days when we won’t have abandoned animals at all.

Here at Bright Side, we admire kindhearted people who adopt homeless pets and give them forever homes, and here are 16 pics that show cats and dogs who’ve found their humans.

1. “Day 5 of never having to sleep on the streets again”

2. “On the ride home from adopting this guy”

3. “I just adopted my first cat, and I can’t get over how gorgeous she is.”

4. “We adopted Kane about a month ago. He is around 10-12 years old, nearly deaf and blind. He is very sweet, just likes to sleep all day, and likes going outside.”

5. “Went to the store to get dog food — they were hosting some cats for adoption and long story short, meet Laszlo!”

6. “Took in a pregnant stray cat until it became clear she was indeed just a little overweight. Then she stayed.”

7. “I got adopted by this beautiful pup this weekend. Say hi to Daisy.”

8. “Most of my family is allergic, so we could never have a dog growing up. I’m 33 and just adopted for the first time.”

9. “I couldn’t separate these brothers, so I adopted both!”

10. “As a person with severe anxiety, I adopted this cat with trust issues and anxiety. Meet Desert!”

11. “Today my wife and I adopted a senior puppy! Everybody, meet Waffles!”

12. “Drove 2,260 miles to adopt this little sweetie, and it’s the best thing I have ever done.”

13. “Stray kitten followed me home... Couldn’t reject her.”

14. “My dad when he first adopted my 1-year-old blind cat Cheddar, and them together on Cheddar’s 18th birthday!”

15. “Found this kitten in the woods, thought my older cats would adopt it, but it looks like my big boy has accepted Daddy Duty.”

16. “My cat had anxiety issues, so we adopted a little sister for him.”

Do you know people who’ve adopted their pets? Or maybe you are the owner of a rescued pet yourself? Tell us your stories of pet adoption in the comments and share the pics of happy pets who found their forever home!

Preview photo credit lackingdaisiez / Reddit


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I love the 3rd picture, the cat doesn't know if she should be happy, scared or just thankful.. so much emotion in that fac!


I'm happy for these pets! Always nice to see them find a new home


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