16 Superb Things You Need to Buy the Minute You Get Rich

4 months ago

We here at Bright Side have found many amazing ideas for renovating your home in our time. Here are the craziest, comfiest and most exclusive of them. Because even if you don’t own your dream home yet, it’s never too early to start planning!

16. A cosy terrace

15. A ’kitchen island’ aquarium

14. An outdoor home cinema by the pool

13. A wine cellar underneath your kitchen floor

12. Your dream bathroom

11. An indoor slide instead of stairs

10. A comfy hammock by the pond

9. A gorgeous panoramic window

8. A tropical shower

7. A relaxing zen bathroom

6. A mini-golf course between rooms

5. A head-spinning library

4. A waterfall shower

3. Folding kitchen windows

2. A spacious home cinema

1. 3D epoxy floors

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If I get rich I'm gonna blow the excess money on almost all of these and become a normal person again


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