The 20 Best Inventions You Didn’t Know Exist

10 months ago

With each passing day, we progress toward the simplification of human life. There are now so many things that can save us time or energy.

We at Bright Side have found some of these amazing things, ingenious in their simplicity and functionality.

A hook that raises chips so you don't have to thrust your fingers into the can.

A measuring spoon sized perfectly so as not to fall inside the protein can.

This supermarket has a special cash register without candy. Perfect for parents with easily excited and demanding kids.

This toilet paper has a removable small roll inside which you save for a trip.

A measuring glass with marks that help you navigate as you pour.

A hair straightener in a pub toilet.

A fitting room where you can set the light to "evening," "office," or "street" mode.

A fence with a window for a dog.

A "smart" traffic light which counts down to green.

An idea for dog lovers: leashes with informative phrases and colors.

This sticker lets you know which color corresponds to which degree of ripeness.

The lid of this yogurt turns into a spoon.

Comfortable armchairs for two in a movie theatre.

A parking garage with green lights marking empty spaces.

A shower with a thermometer for water temperature.

A building with a thermometer.

This plane has a camera that lets passengers see what the pilot sees.

This fast food restaurant has a children-only door.

These empanadas have their contents written on them.

The label of this toothpaste indicates what each ingredient is made of and what it is for.

Toilet paper pills

Toilet paper tablets are something that has been around for a long time, but they’re usually underestimated — yes, you can simply pop them into a waterproof container and voilà! You can have toilet paper, tissues or towels available pretty much everywhere.


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