16 Times Bright Siders Proved That Everything Created With Your Hands Is the Best

2 years ago

Discounts, coupons, cash back. All of these things can help you save money. But we want to offer you another way that is simple yet effective. You just need your hands, some time, and a little effort. And then you can get a new haircut, new clothes, and even new shoes for free. Most importantly, you’ll get to experience the special pleasure that comes from completing something with your own hands.

Bright Side readers can prove our words to be true. They made everything on their own and their effort was more than worth it.

1. “I made my grandson a paleontologist kit for his birthday.”

2. “Didn’t want to spend $200 to get my hair colored so I did it myself for $20.”

3. “My mom made my senior prom dress. The long skirt is removable and there’s a short skirt under it so I could actually dance.”

4. “I painted and redecorated my entire room. The walls used to be a light brown.”

5. “My 13-year-old daughter painted a mural in her room!”

6. “I made this coat out of a $2 blanket!”

7. “I didn’t want to spend lots on Halloween decorations, so I made this out of old cardboard boxes and hot glue.”

8. “I sew a lot of clothes and make my own shoes.”

9. “Decided to build our own entertainment center from woodpiles and discount lumber.”

10. “Didn’t want to spend $100 so I decided to knit it myself.”

11. “I decided my shaggy mop was no longer okay so I pulled out the clippers and did it myself!”

12. “I learned how to do my own nails. Saves me a ton of money and time.”

13. “Completed an Easter project thanks to a cheap pineapple tapestry.”

14. “I knitted this scarf.”

15. “I didn’t want to pay $150 for Minky blankets so I learned to make my own.”

16. “I’m the one who always sewed the costumes for my kiddos.”

Do you think it’s better to buy things or to make them yourself? Have you ever created something? You can show us photos of your completed work in the comments.

Preview photo credit Cat Milus / Facebook


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