16 Times Nature Fully Demonstrated Its Artistic Talent While Creating Our Pets

3 years ago

Every pet is beautiful and unique in their own way, but some of us are blessed to have cats and dogs who surely stand out from the rest. Quirky fur markings, super long Dracula fangs, or a fancy Don Quixote-style goatee — think of any fancy pet feature and nature will deliver.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve created a gallery of cats and dogs who have something extraordinary in their looks that makes us stare, eyes wide with wonder. And if you have a submission for our list, we’d be happy to see pics of your unusual looking pets as well.

1. “My cat, Pancake, has a heart-shaped patch on her.”

2. This Canadian Sphynx kitten looks like a little alien.

3. “My friend’s new puppy — even her tongue has spots!”

4. “Monk the cat has protruding fangs that make him look like a little Dracula.”

5. “Ren is a polydactyl with 6 toes on each foot.”

6. “When my dogs lie next to each other, their coat patterns make a heart.”

7. “Meet Gomez. The cat whose mustache and goatee make him look like a Don Quixote of the cat world.”

8. “My parents’ cat has a lowercase ’j’ on his back — or an ’i’ depending on how I time the picture.”

9. This cat has mesmerizing green eyes that will hypnotize you before you say, “Wow!”

10. “Bruno’s chub rolls look like a smaller hamburger on top of a larger hamburger.”

11. And this kitty named Stasha has an Agatha Christie’s Poirot mustache.

12. “My dog has a spot that’s shaped like a near-perfect circle.”

13. This cat’s eyes were beautifully lined by nature.

14. “My dog has a cat on the back of her head.”

15. Thanks to the unusual shape of his eyes, Potato the Cat always looks surprised.

16. “My cat’s head coloring is split perfectly down the middle.”

Do you have pets? Do they have any physical features that make them look unique? Share pics of your unusual looking pets in the comments!

Preview photo credit Aliendiaperbaby / Reddit


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haha I think a lot of girls would actually be jealous at 13's eyes! just look at them


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