16 Unusual Photos the World Didn’t Expect to See

2 months ago

Have you ever seen snow in Africa, a pumpkin that is so huge that you can live in it, or a horizontal rainbow? Some people have managed to see and even capture these unusual phenomena. Just have a look at photos below!

Bright Side has collected pictures proving that the impossible is possible.

Sudden snow in South Africa

Pigment stripped from leaf because it spent too much time in a pool.

When you’re a magician:

“The water reflecting off our old trampoline makes it look invisible.”

A British shorthair cat with 2 faces

This huge pumpkin

A palm tree and an oak tree grew together.

A purple potato tastes the same as a normal potato, but looks like the universe.

Catalpa leaf

When winter comes too soon:

The halo effect in Brazil

A tree struck by lightning

This cactus is going to conquer the world.

What does it look like inside?

Trees’ growth rings before and after the Chernobyl disaster

In 1916, in Germany, you were allowed to have a picture of you and your dog in your passport.

Which photo impressed you the most?

Preview photo credit LOGICALPONY/ imgur


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