17 Cute Dogs That Can Steal Your Heart in a Second

5 years ago

Dogs are incredibly loyal creatures. They’d do anything for their owners. By the way, sometimes our dogs do really funny, touching, and weird things. Take a look at these dogs and they’ll conquer your heart with their intelligence and cuteness.

Bright Side has collected some dogs that are so unique, we can’t help loving them.

17. When you’re smart but loyal:

16. “Ordered a birthday cake for my dog. There are a few seconds between these photos.”

15. “My dog doesn’t like milk bones. However, when someone gives her one she’ll carry it in her mouth, wait till we’re far enough away, and gently put it on the ground.”

14. Instead of words

13. Feeling exhausted after a long working day.

12. “The way my dog greets me every day after work.”

11. “He was heartbroken when I told him it was time to go.”

10. “I don’t think my neighbor’s dog gets much attention at home so he comes over to my yard for scratches.”

9. This good boy knows he’s not allowed to have sticks inside:

8. “You howl all you want, Charleston.”

7. When you go to the park and you’re allowed to take the toys that you can carry on your own:

6. The cutest buddies ever

5. “She’ll be playing Nana in my daughter’s ballet production of Peter Pan. Today was her costume fitting.”

4. “This is Jamesy. He gives a kiss to every other puppy he sees on his walk.”

3. “This is Henry. He just graduated. And immediately forgot the skill of not eating your diploma.”

2. “This is Cooper. He dug a hole and fell into it.”

1. This dog saw students buying groceries and started bringing leaves to buy himself treats:

Does your dog do anything funny or weird? Share some pictures with us!


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