17 Pics That Remind Us of How Time Passes in the Blink of an Eye

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As we look at old family photos, we are reminded of how precious yet fleeting life really is. And when some people have the cool idea of recreating the same photos years later, we notice that time really transforms our appearance. However, what’s even more fascinating is that there are a few things that remain unchanged despite the passing decades, whether it be a genuine smile or a spark we have in our eyes.

1. ’’Same wedding outfits 60 years later’’

2. ’’Thor, then and now’’

3. “My mom in 1966 and today, still rocking the same shirt 55 years later”

4. ’’My father holding me as a baby and me with my newborn son’’

5. ’’All these years later and it’s still her favorite toy.’’

6. ’’My grandpa, 80 years later!’’

7. ’’My daughter and our dog, 12 years later’’

8. ’’Me holding on to my girl at my high school graduation in 2002. I’m holding on to her even tighter at hers in 2020.’’

9. ’’Wiggles and me, 13+ years later!’’

10. ’’The wife and me in 1977 and now in 2022’’

11. ’’Same boot, 3 years later’’

12. ’’My girlfriend and her dog, then and 14 years later’’

13. ’’Me as a boy in 1965 with a newly completed model airplane. And me 56 years later with a surprise Christmas gift of the identical replica.’’

14. ’’Here’s my cat, 2 years later.’’

15. ’’My parents recreated their honeymoon picture 40 years later.’’

16. ’’The little guy wouldn’t let me hold him this year, but here’s another year later!’’

17. ’’My great-uncle Bill in 1952 at age 18 to today at age 87’’

Do you often look back at old photos? Have you ever tried recreating old pics decades later?

Preview photo credit IntertwinedStrands / Reddit


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