17 Times the Universe Suddenly Hit Us With Unpredictable Things

year ago

Days pass, and sometimes it seems that your daily routine has overwhelmed you from head to toe. It only takes one little unpredictable thing to break the chain of your matrix and make you feel restored.

1. “Headlights included!”

2. “A passenger pulled out an inflatable mattress and went to sleep at the gate.”

3. “Went on a walk through the woods. Found a toilet.”

4. “I went to the zoo today and I’m 99% sure that’s not a Cheetah.”

5. “My fortune cookie glitched.”

6. “Well that’s a wrap! Hope he has some scissors handy.”

7. “Tooth outfit”

8. “A tree fell on my fence. Making the best of it while I negotiate the repair.”

9. “Barista asked if she could make me a ‘surprise coffee, free of charge’ and comes back with this.”

10. “This 1:2 scale wooden toilet.”

11. “Found this guy in the bathroom at work today.”

12. “Mini sink”

13. “This mirror design is very questionable.”

14. When your GF texts, “I’m home alone.”

15. “Finally, we got an essential bike lane.”

16. “I was about to move the college until I saw this.”

17. “I forgot my phone in English today. Found this on the camera roll after my teacher returned it.”

How is your day going? How often do you feel bored?


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