18 Clients You Wouldn’t Wish on Your Worst Enemy

4 years ago

Some people believe that customers are always right. And it’s mostly true. But sometimes, there are cases when we just can’t agree with this rule.

Bright Side chose the most absurd and illogical cases when clients did something completely unexplainable.

1. “I was not notified!!!”

2. Customer complaint: “It’s either a very big leaf of basil or just a tree leaf in my meal.”

3. We hope the driver reads the comment.

4. What kind of an expert are you if you can’t even rename a file?

5. “A client came with his iPhone. The glass was cracked and he thought that if he removed the glass, the crack wouldn’t be as visible.”

6. Who knows the reasons?

7. “Customer wanted as much tomato on the burger as we could fit...”

8. At least they warned the driver...

9. Genius

10. Someone returned a Lego set for this reason.

11. If something is obvious to you, it doesn’t mean it’s obvious to everyone.

12. Someone trying to choose a globe

13. “Dear shoppers of the world, do not do this and buy one item! We let you shop after hours and this is the thanks? No! If you’ve ever worked retail you understand how ignorant and annoying this is.”

14. Thinking outside the box

15. Customer with a complaint

16. When you’re really hungry and the line is long:

17. You never know. It’s always better to ask.

18. “Can you please check my phone? What do you mean you’re already closed?”

Have you ever dealt with clients like these? What else makes you annoyed about the way customers behave?

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#10 - have this guy never seen legos or what? ?
Well, planet is full of weird people!
The last one is every single customer in a nutshell. I laughed so hard ?

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