18 Families Who Can’t Live Without Humor

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5 years ago

Every family is a separate world with its own laws, peculiarities, and jokes. And the more strange things there are in a family, the funnier it is. For example, some husbands troll their wives and some people dress in funny costumes.

We at Bright Side believe that our family and close friends are probably the most important things we have in life, so we made a compilation of the funniest and the cutest things people have shared on the internet.

“My wife hates being embarrassed, so we surprised her at the airport.”

“Well, we were supposed to be Cleopatra and Caesar... Classic case of miscommunication.”

“This grandfather is looking for a partner for his granddaughter. She is suffering from a wrong choice.”

“My middle school daughter did this for an art project.”

“My wife and I announcing our pregnancy.”

When you ask your husband to help with dinner:

“I’m either dating a genius or a psychopath.”

“I once said I missed my grandmother’s cooking. So my brothers stopped by my house and brought me some food she made.”

“My mom heard about a tornado that hit near where I lived and texted to ask if I was okay. I sent her this photo.”

“My mom was cleaning out the library at the preschool where she works and sent me this.”

“I took my daughter to a Van Gogh exhibit.”

“Well, I found my dad’s old modeling photos.”

That moment when a horse photobombs you:

“My sister is weird...”

“I accidentally took a picture of my happy father on a carrousel.”

“My little brother got his first credit card today.”

“This dad has his own way of chopping pumpkins.”

“After my sister broke up with her boyfriend, my dad spent hours learning how to photoshop so he could seamlessly remove him from our photos. This is one of my favorite pictures to this day.”

Which one of your family members has the best sense of humor? Maybe your child or your spouse troll you? Tell us in the comment section below.

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