18 Gadgets That Can Make Your Kitchen Life a Piece of Cake

4 years ago

According to one survey, an average American spends about 40 minutes a day cooking, serving food, and cleaning up after a meal. But if this is an unavoidable part of life, then what can we do to make this take up as little of our time as possible? Every year, designers invent new gadgets that are aimed at making your kitchen life easier than you could ever imagine.

Bright Side has gathered some extraordinary kitchen gadgets that you're going to want to buy as soon as you see them!

1. Yin Yang teapot

If some of your guests prefer red tea while others prefer green tea, there is a solution – the Yin Yang teapot. It's designed to have 2 types of tea inside one teapot. Isn't that just genius?

2. Lap mug

A lap mug will let you put your mug of tea or coffee on your leg instead of making sure you sit next to a table while you watch a movie or a TV show. The mug will perfectly rest on your lap or on your knee. It's exactly what you need for a cozy evening!

3. Finger-food plate

This is really practical for a cocktail party – your guests will be able to balance a snack and a glass of champagne. Moreover, there won't be a need to clean up dozens of plates afterward!

4. Banana slicer

This gadget will help you slice a banana with one quick motion. It's a very simple but convenient device that allows you to easily prepare banana slices for a dessert or a fruit salad.

5. Hotman trivet

This trivet looks like a shocked man about to get squashed by a large hot saucepan, but in reality, he's strong and he can handle it easily and prevent your kitchen surface from unwanted marks!

6. Portable toaster

A portable toaster that looks like a butter knife will help you warm up a piece of bread quickly and easily. As it spreads heat, more butterflies appear on the surface and the bread becomes toasted.

7. Platypus tea infuser

Drinking tea has never been this entertaining! You can gush over this adorable platypus while it makes your tea just the way you like it.

8. Pineapple peeler, corer, and slicer in one gadget

This is a very useful tool for serving pineapple quickly and easily. It will allow you to get this delicious fruit from the kitchen to the table in absolutely no time at all and won't cause you any hassle!

9. Fish-shaped hot cake maker

This tool will help you prepare exclusively unique cakes. Take your meal under the sea with this gadget!

10. Dachshund corn holders

This will be perfect not only for a dachshund lover but for everyone who hates burning their fingers while eating corn. An absolute must-have for a BBQ party!

11. Never-soggy cereal bowl

If you hate soggy cereals – this bowl is for you. It has 2 separate sections: one for dry cereals and one for milk.

12. Melon scoop

You can use this tool to peel the melon, slice it, and cut it without a knife. Your hands won't get as dirty too – just guide this gadget and it'll do all the work for you.

13. Cookie dipper

Say goodbye to the days of getting your fingers covered in milk and worrying about either losing the cookie entirely or knocking over the glass. This gadget will allow you to dip your cookie in milk without any worries.

14. Robot nutcracker

The future is here! Robots can now replace humans, at least when it comes to cracking nuts. This helpful gadget will do the toughest job, as it can break the hardest nut.

15. Salad-chopper bowl and strainer

This gadget allows you to chop lettuce and veggies perfectly. It's quick and easy and leaves no mess! You can flip it over and use it as a strainer to rinse your veggies before serving them.

16. Silicone spoon saver

Your utensils won't drown in soup or hot sauce if you have this tool! It's easy to use and can be really helpful, as it can't be damaged by heat or steam.

17. Cauliflower chopper

This gadget will make chopping cauliflower easier and faster and safer than with a knife. It works for broccoli too.

18. Game of Thrones egg holder

This is an absolute must-have for Game of Thrones fans who love boiled eggs! It looks like it's part of John Snow's breakfast table.

Which of these gadgets and tools did you like the most? We'll be waiting for your thoughts in the comments below!

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