11 Useful Details in Common Objects Only People With Sherlock Eyes Notice

2 years ago

We’ve all seen them: weird-looking parts of objects that we just can’t figure out the use for. Apparently, the creators of these objects had solid reasons for these things, as we see and use them in our everyday lives.

Here at Bright Side, we did a thorough investigation and found out what these features were created for in the first place.

1. Pasta forks

The holes in the pasta forks exist for good reason, as they’re there to indicate serving sizes for each person. If the amount of pasta fills up the hole before you cook it, it’s a single portion.

2. Power button

The short stick “I” by itself, stands for 1, open, and the incomplete circle “O” stands for closed.

3. Hooks in trunks

They are actually lifesavers that help carry and protect our bags, especially if we are holding fragile objects in them.

4. Head rest

Ever wonder why your headrest is hard? It’s because it’s designed to help you break the window and get out of the car in case of an emergency.

5. Headphone jacks

Those lines don’t just make sure the jack is safely in and ready to go. They also indicate the special features of your jack.

6. Pig snouts on backpacks

The sewn-on square you might have on your backpack is not for decoration. In case anything doesn’t fit into your bag, you can tie it with a rope to the lashing square or pig snout.

7. Yogurt packages

You can fold that aluminum package of your yogurt for a reason. They were designed to become a spoon in case you don’t have one with you, and it’s thick enough to hold your yogurt.

8. The small black circle on the back of your phone

That black circle on the back of your phone near the camera is a microphone.

9. Earbuds

Earbuds actually work better when you use them upside down, with an improved sound flow and quality.

10. Lids

Plastic lids can both be used to cover your drink for spilling and also can hold your drink stable by working as a mat.

11. Colorful plastic ties on packs of bread

The colors on your bread bag fasteners tell you when it was baked so that you can know whether it’s fresh or dated.

  • Blue for Monday
  • Green for Tuesday
  • Red for Thursday
  • White for Friday
  • Orange for Saturday

What are some other objects we use wrong? Have you found a better use for them? Feel free to share your knowledge!


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