18 Hilarious Coincidences That Couldn’t Have Been Scripted Any Better

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Coincidences can be absolutely amazing. Some people see something mystical about them, whereas some think that they are totally accidental. No matter what we believe, we have all witnessed coincidences that seemed as if they had been totally planned by someone.

1. “I’m at a kid’s birthday party. These 2 dads show up. These guys don’t know each other. This wasn’t planned. This is a total coincidence.”

2. None of the basketball players are touching the ground and neither is the referee.

3. “My dad saw this outside his favorite breakfast spot.”

4. “Popular print this year”

5. Catwoman

6. Pilots love perfect things too.

7. “We were about to go out for lunch, then surprisingly we saw all these cars in the same color parked in a row.”

8. “The cookbook I got for Christmas has the same plates as I do.”

9. “My grandma (left) met her 2 friends, and they were all wearing the same dress!”

10. “My girlfriend’s rabbit, Banjo, has a smaller rabbit on his nose.”

11. They were meant to be together.

12. A small paw print on this cat’s paw

13. “The first time my friend visited my apartment, her mind was blown that my shower curtain looked ‘exactly’ like one of her shirts. I half-seriously said that her story sounded made-up and promptly forgot about it, until she returned the following week to demonstrate.”

14. “Get out of my way cat I’m taking a pict... Waaait a minute?”

15. It’s not just real people that can have red eyes in photographs.

16. This car “fits” right against this tree.

17. Even Kylo hates back to school shopping.

18. “The way my plate broke in almost even pieces”

Bonus: Fate or coincidence?

Our family dog was lost during Hurricane Sandy. After searching for 1.5 years and giving up hope, we decided to adopt a dog. The adoption counselor brings in the first candidate and it’s OUR LOST DOG!

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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...and that’s why I don’t shop in the same mall

as my girlfriends!!! We might end up wearing the same thing, and that is not cool ?

I love all of these coincidences, tho...?


How insanely rare is it to find a dad with a matching shirt.. and this kind of shirt is just amazing ?


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