18 Lucky People That Found Real Treasures Among Vintage Things

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We’re often charmed by things from the past, when our moms and grandmothers were young. Vintage things, that are over 20 years old, are always trendy and create a lot of interest. And among us, some people track down these treasures and find valuable and stunning pieces of clothing and other items.

“Found these beauties on marketplace for $30 — a set of 2 vintage swan sconces”

“Found this 1999 vintage chair.”

“Today I found a hat with an AM/FM radio in it inside an antique store.”

This Tiffany ring from a store that sells vintage jewelry

“Going through piles of vintage jewelry and found this bracelet made with uranium glass. It glows when you light it with UV light.”

“I found the most gorgeous vintage dress! I am thinking about cutting the shoulder pads out because I have quite broad shoulders myself.”

“My mom bought a teacup set from an antique store. When you hold the cups against a light source, you can see the image of a woman.”

“Amazing vintage find at a local secondhand store! Can’t believe how well it fits.”

“Our store has this amazing coat. We found a label in it that surprised us.”

“It turns out that these coats used to be sold at Disneyland in the previous century.”

“The 1950s outfit. If I recall, it’s based on a Dior pattern.”

“Got this tv unit/record player off marketplace, it didn’t work, so got a friend to take it out and made it into a cat bed instead.”

“My 10-year-old self’s dream came true today! Got it for $26!”

“Been looking for a while, spotted this at an antique store and knew it was the one. I don’t know the specs and I don’t care.”

“My silk and vintage lace wedding gown!”

“I seriously cannot wait to start using this dish set from the 1970s.”

“I got this beautiful plate for only $3 yesterday!”

“Found this ring in a vintage store, bought it on the spot, and got engaged later that day! I’m in love with this antique setting.”

“I bought plates and decided to wash them. The paint started chipping away to reveal this beautiful iridescent glass!”

How do you feel about vintage things? Do you like them or do you prefer new things?

Preview photo credit blouperkz / Reddit


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