18 People Who Lost the Online Shopping Game With a Score of 0:100

3 years ago

Online shopping has got a firm hold on our lives and one reason for this is because we actually tend to spend less when ordering something from the Internet compared to when we shop in-store. However, buying things without seeing them has its disadvantages — just look at the monstrous dress and shoes with shortened soles that we included in today’s compilation.

We at Bright Side are thankful for people who’ve shared online purchases that ended up being far from what they expected and appreciate their ability to laugh instead of cry over spilled milk. And we invite you to have a look — and a hearty chuckle — at these purchases too.

“I’d never thought that this would happen to me — and yet here we are.”

“Found a cheap kitchen scale. I feel like something is missing.”

“It took me 14 emails and a chargeback threat to get them to refund me the whole amount for this monstrosity.”

“This patch I ordered off Amazon”

“The mask I ordered (left) vs the mask I got (right)”

“Purchased this temperature mug. After letting it sit in boiling water and even putting it in the microwave, this is the most I could get the image to show. Unfortunately, nobody drinks coffee this hot...”

“I want my money back.”

“I just need to add the grapes. Then voila — it’ll look just like the original.”

“My friend bought this costume online and I’ve been laughing all day.”

It seems the factory ran out of rubber while producing these shoes."

“These shorts my friend ordered from an Instagram ad — just a little bit different from the advertisement!”

“Maybe I just need to water it and it’ll grow...?”

“What I ordered (left) vs what I got (right) — it’s actually way funnier this way, though.”

“Those pockets were supposed to be a bit lower.”

“Oh, dear Tinkerbell, what did they do to your bangs?”

“Waited a month for this. Doggo was not impressed.”

“Was this Christmas tree delivered by Charlie Brown?”

“When I tried to look stunning”

Have you ever had online shopping fails or do you always get the exact things you order?

Preview photo credit badgurlkiki / reddit


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I mean that doll looks pretty normal to me, they used the disney picture but that's what most dolls look like


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