18 Poodle Cats Who’ll Take Over Your Heart With Their Curls

3 years ago

The Selkirk Rex breed appeared in a very extraordinary way — from just one kitten in a rescue cat’s litter that had unusual curls in its fur. And this happened only about 30 years ago. So if you still haven’t heard about this breed, don’t worry, because now, you can finally meet some of these fluffy cuties.

We at Bright Side would like to share 18 photos featuring these unusual, curly-haired cats. And we promise you that after reading this article, you’ll definitely want to have one too.

18. The more curls, the better!

17. “My human, my place...”

16. “Hey there!”

15. Hanging out together

14. “Will you love me when I grow up?”

13. This gorgeous fur

12. “Wake up, Mommy!”

11. “Just me and my fluff”

10. “Is it for me? For me?!”

9. When somebody says your hair looks messy:

8. A mountain of fluff

7. “Feed me now!”

6. “Don’t you like my cheeks?”

5. Bath time

4. Just look at this cutie!

3. Half sheep, half kitty

2. When Mommy is leaving for work:

1. Monday morning

Have you heard about this breed before? Or maybe you have your own pets that belong to unusual breeds? If so, please share their photos in the comments!


their fur makes me want to cuddle with them even more. It must be really soft ❤

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