18 Stories That Prove Stepparents Can Be the Best Parents Ever

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4 years ago

It’s more difficult for children to accept stepmothers, than stepfathers, according to psychologists. Of course, everyone develops their own relationships with ups and downs. And how nice is it to know that there are stepparents who love their stepchildren as their own, who put their own soul into their upbringing, and who parent with all their heart. It’s these special people that we would like to talk about in this article.

We at Bright Side admire how people who were once complete strangers can become real parents. And some of their stories are so touching, they bring us to tears.

“My husband teaching my oldest son how to shave for the first time”

  • I’ve been her stepmom for nearly 10 years... today my husband’s daughter intentionally called me “mom” while helping me make dinner. #CloudNine © Whisper
  • My stepdad adopted me — I asked him to on my 21st birthday. He brought us from poverty to living in houses I honestly never felt I deserved to live in. He loved us despite me not being his own and he taught me a lot about being a good man. © FruitySalads / Reddit

“My daughter and her stepdad on the way to the bus on her first day of kindergarten...”

  • My daughter’s biological father left us when she was just over 2 years old. A year later, I met another man. He became her real father. Recently, my daughter turned 18 years old. And then there was my husband’s birthday. And at the birthday table, she presented her new passport with his last name to her “dad.” My husband sobbed. For many years we tried to change our daughter’s name, but the court refused the request, giving the biological father a say and honoring his parental rights. Our daughter now decided everything herself. © overhear / VK
  • My stepdaughter and I were driving home and, for the first time in her whole life, she asked me (of all people) about her biological father. I channeled a quote from Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and said, “Whoever he is just remember, he may be your father but he’s not your dad.” Then she says the best thing I have ever heard in my life. She says, “Well I don’t think I want to meet him. I already have a dad and I don’t want a different one.” © Davidb91w / Reddit

“My stepdad raised my autistic sister and I as if we were his own blood.”

  • I got called in for duty in the Navy, and I completely stuck out and needed support. I really wanted to see someone from my family. I asked my father to come, but he replied something along the lines of: “Don’t be a coward, pull yourself together! And my boss won’t let me go, etc.” After a couple of days, my stepdad called to ask how I was, I told him about my anxiety, he said that he would try to get out of work. After a couple of hours, I figured out that no one would let me off the ship. I decided to call my step-father and tell him to not bother, but at that time he was already taking the minibus to the neighboring city to the railway station. © DrHaza / Pikabu

  • I moved from my parents’ house to a rented apartment with my future husband just before my stepfather’s birthday. After the move, I had no money left for a gift. He said, “I don’t need any gifts, you’d just better give birth to a grandson or a granddaughter for me.” After a month, I found out that I was pregnant. When we were leaving the hospital, dad held my son in his arms, stroked the dimples on his cheeks, and whispered: “You got your dimples from your grandfather...” © elenuwka13 / Pikabu

“My real dad has gotten worse with his alcoholism and rage lately. My stepdad heard I was having a bad anxiety day and brought me all my favorite treats. I’ve made the decision that I’m going to ask him to adopt me.”

  • The stepmom to my 2 children surprised me today. She secretly drove the 3-4 hours from the state they live in and showed up at the cancer center I was at (I’m their mother), while I was there by myself. I looked up and saw that she, along with the nurses and the staff were all in costumes and makeup and they began acting out a Broadway musical that I loved. I cried so hard. © Angel_ofthe_Odd / Reddit

“Navigating the world as a stepmom is really tricky at times. Today my stepkids melted my heart and made me feel really special.”

  • My sweet stepson brings me to our Christmas tree and shows me the ornament he made at school. I just broke down and cried. It was a drawing of his mom, his dad, his dog at his moms, our cat, and ME. I WAS IN IT! HE DREW ME ON HIS CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT. I started crying immediately and had to explain to him that sometimes people cry when they’re so happy. © speyonce / Reddit

“I’m the stepfather to an 8-year-old little girl who still sees her real father, who tries to pit her against me. She gave me this for Father’s Day, but not to her real father. It melted my heart.”

  • Dad raised my brother and I as his own, and his entire family treated us as if we were their family by blood. And we loved his first daughter as our own sister. And following the example of my father, I married my other half, who already had a son who didn’t know his father, and now we have 2 twin daughters, whom I love as much as my son. © Admiral1982 / Pikabu
  • My husband is almost 50, his stepfather is over 70. They still see each other, talk, go fishing, and his stepfather is his BEST FRIEND. © Vorona / Pikabu

“My wife had her father, and stepfather, walk her down the aisle.”

How hard do you think it is to be a stepparent? Do you have any stepparents in your surroundings? How have they managed to build a close relationship with their stepkids?

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