18 Struggles Husbands Go Through for Their Pregnant Wives

6 months ago

The journey through pregnacy can be hard for women. Their bodies are changing and their hormones are out of control. But we don’t really think about how many pregnant-wife-problems husbands face over the course of the pregnancy. They try to satisfy her food cravings and get used to her mood swings, all just to make her happy and help make the pregnancy experience really amazing.

Bright Side has collected the funniest posts for you about struggles husbands go through for their pregnant wives. Take a look!

1. This man definitely knows how to help his pregnant wife relax

2. An idea for a cake all husbands with pregnant wives need to see

3. You don’t need to ask if you want to bring food

4. “My pregnant wife really wanted Runts, but not all of them...”

5. Just an ordinary mood swing

6. “My pregnant wife claims to have found the perfect onesie for our soon-to-be-born son.”

7. The best presents for husbands of pregnant wives

8. When your pregnant wife needs extra help

9. When you need extra help to understand your pregnant wife

10. When you no longer need words to understand your pregnant wife

11. You even need to be prepared to go for a walk with your pregnant wife

12. This man obviously needs to go to the store

13. Next time, don’t touch her juice

14. “My pregnant wife asked me for a small bowl of cereal. I delivered.”

15. Don’t call your wife “hormonal”

16. Nothing to be amazed at if you have a pregnant wife

17. The pickles need to be protected

18. Pets go through struggles too...

Future moms can be a little bit crazy thanks to their hormones, but dads-to-be know how to cope with it. They just have a good laugh!

Do you have any funny pregnancy stories?

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