19 Awkward Cats Brazenly Caught by Human Paparazzi

4 years ago

Cats are weirdos. They sleep in strange positions, sit still like they’re frozen, and race around at night, making us think they’re aliens who came from other planets. But when we look at their hypnotizing ears and paws, we forget about all of our doubts and worries. Fortunately, we have photos that reveal cats’ true nature.

Bright Side is sure you’ll experience cathartic laughter while looking at these cats who’ve somehow forgotten to turn into cute creatures in front of the camera.

19. When you’re in trouble and realize no one’s going to help you:

18. “You shouldn’t have come in, human.”

17. “I wish I could wake up from this nightmare.”

16. “My cat resembles a KFC chicken leg.”

15. When the batteries suddenly die:

14. When they say your smile is beautiful:

13. Purrfect from all angles

12. “You promised to give me food.”

11. Cats don’t need any company to have fun.

10. The most treacherous invasion

9. When you hear your neighbors’ dog is going to stay with you while they’re on vacation:

8. “You’re going to regret this, I promise.”

7. When your cat is possessed by the devil:

6. “Caught this guy trying to steal my yogurt.”

5. Here’s a picture of a cat that has one million followers on Instagram. What have you achieved so far in life?

4. When someone broke the cat again:

3. “Help me, please!”

2. Feeling super comfy...

1. You aren’t the only one who likes to make funny faces in front of the camera.

Bonus: A girl draws simple, yet brilliant pictures of cats.

Do you have any funny photos of your cat? Let’s create another hilarious article!

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You can't break a cat, because cats are liquid and can fit anywhere!


Seems like the main mission of every normal cat is to steal sleeping spots of other animals in the house! :D


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