19 Lucky People Who Met a Celebrity Right Around the Corner

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There is a saying that goes “Never meet your heroes,” which indicates that they may possibly disappoint you, and this could apply to some celebrities. But some lucky people actually remember these encounters with a smile on their faces and got to meet another side of that celebrity they usually see on the screen and in magazines.

  • I was working at a candy stand when a bearded man brought two little kids. Staying quite professional, I asked the man, “Excuse me, sir, but... are you Hugh Jackman?” He smiled and said, “Yes,” so I shook his hand, congratulating him for his performances in the X-Men movies. To this day, what amazed me the most was the very good education his daughter had.
    While she was asking me for the flavors of the candies, I told her which one was my favorite and asked her if she’d like to taste it. She opened her hand and looked almost sadly at the two euros she had and asked me, with big, cute eyes, “Do I have to pay for it?” That was amazing. Her father could have covered her with candies but instead, she had only two euros like most children would have. And she did not feel any reason to have any privilege. © Jeanne Petrov-Stojanovic / Quora
  • I was eating lunch at a fast food restaurant when Bill Murray sat down at my table, stole a fry, dipped it into my Frosty, and ate it. He then looked at me and said, “Nobody’s gonna believe you,” and walked away. © Chukwuebuka Sunday / Quora
  • I owned a company in Hawaii and hired a number of young guys who flew there with nothing more than the clothes on their backs to live under the warm sun. One of those new employees was named Jeff, and he was essentially homeless and living on the beach. He had a fellow beach buddy named Chris.
    What made Chris memorable was his ridiculous confidence and matter-of-fact assertion about what he wanted to do with his life. When asked, he said he was going to move to Hollywood, become a HUGE star and make loads of money.” He literally had a better chance of winning the lottery than being a star. So you can imagine my surprise when just a few years later, I am watching the blockbuster movie Jurassic World and the star of the movie is that same homeless kid Chris. Chris Pratt© Jim Stewart / Quora
  • My mother calls me and asks, “Hey, can you come to Paul’s house tomorrow to see if you can fix his home theater?” In my head: “Paul who?” Me: “Yeah, sure thing!” So we went to his house and got to meet Paul Rudd. He was home from filming Ant-Man.
    He actually spent a bunch of time with us, and we had a great time! He was cracking jokes the whole time and was interested in what we were doing. He is an amazing, genuine, down-to-earth guy. He’s a good dad too. Best part about it, I’ve now become his go-to AV guy, and we’re on a first-name basis. I actually have to go back up to his house again soon! And even though he’s insanely down-to-earth and cool, I still get nervous going there. © Steven Piteo / Quora
  • One morning I saw “a hobbit” enjoying breakfast in our restaurant. He was accompanied by this absolutely gorgeous woman. She didn’t have any makeup on but had the most perfect face. It was Evangeline Lilly (with Dominic Monaghan) while filming Lost. I remember thinking: “Wow, clearly he is doing really well to be dating a woman this gorgeous.” © Elena Ledoux / Quora
  • I worked selling ridiculously expensive handbags. The best/nicest person I met was Scarlett Johansson. She was really down to earth and didn’t make any fuss at all.
    Funny story — in the place I worked, you had to pick something from the stockroom to wear at the beginning of your shift. Scarlett commented on the T-shirt I’d picked and wanted to try one on, sadly I’d picked the last one. I’d only just put it on, so I asked if she’d like to try it, and I’d swap for something else. She ended up buying the T-shirt I’d had on all morning. © loui88 / Reddit
  • When my parents were newlyweds, they went to some event where they ended up being seated next to Robin Williams. My father had always been the very friendly and talkative type, so he quickly began conversing with Robin Williams.
    Apparently, Robin liked my mother. As the night progressed, he began flirting with her and making jokes to my father that he was going to steal her away and asking him/her what she was doing with a guy like my father (only jokingly, of course). My mother just laughed it off, and my father took it as the biggest compliment that Robin Williams was hitting on his wife. © Jasmine Smith / Quora
  • Vin Diesel struck up a conversation with me and my friend at a New Directors, New Films screening and asked me to read his script. I ended up producing his short, Multi-Facial, which helped launch his acting career. From the first scene, I was so impressed with his natural acting ability. But he still owes me about $600 from that project! © Lydia Sugarman / Quora
  • My sister and I liked this girl. She was bright, funny, and kind. One day after school, I was starving, and the buses were late. She gave me $5 to get some food and told me not to worry about paying her back.
    Fast-forward a few years, and one day, I am listening to the radio when I hear the announcer say her name. And I turned to my sister and said, “That singer has the same name as our Whitney Houston!” My sister rolled her eyes and said, “That IS our Whitney Houston!” I will always remember her as bright, funny, and sweet. © Marcia Jean Fastiggi Watters / Quora
  • Stan Lee at Comic Con 2015. It was a quick interaction when I went for the photo, but I walked up and said, “Hello, Mr. Lee, it’s an honor and a pleasure to meet you!” He replied, “Thank you, it’s a pleasure to meet you too, young man,” as he shook my hand. I spoke superfast because I was nervous, but he understood what I said perfectly and gave a great smile, looking me straight in the eye.
    After the picture, he said, “Have a wonderful day, Excelsior!!!” I passed by the same booth 2 hours later and observed him meeting a new fan. He kept the same amount of energy and enthusiasm with them as he did with me. I have nothing but respect for him. Absolute legend. © Domonero / Reddit
  • Paul McCartney was leaning against a wall on a Manhattan street, probably waiting for a car. I stopped and said, “My whole life I’ve hoped to meet you. I guess this is it.” He smiled and said, “Wow. My whole life I’ve hoped to meet you too!” A hearty handshake, wished each other a good day, and I went on my way. © Scrappy_Larue / Reddit
  • I was about 8 when I stumbled across Stephen King. He was in a rush, getting out of a limo into a building, so I quickly shouted, “Mr. King, I love Cujo!” He gave me a bemused smile and said, “Who the hell let this kid read Cujo?!” © 2Dfruity / Reddit
  • I met Eminem when he first hit the big time after “My Name Is” came out. I was a 15-year-old kid who had backstage passes, and I stood outside of his bus for about 45 minutes. He finally came out, and I shook his hand and told him I thought his music was great. He thanked me and signed an autograph that said “Slim Shady 99.” The entire interaction lasted about 30 seconds, but I appreciated that he took the time to talk to some 15-year-old kid hanging outside of his bus. © jbbates84 / Reddit
  • I was at an industry party where I happened to befriend a small group of people. When the time came to leave, I offered them a ride to their hotel, and they happily accepted. But when we got to my car, I saw I had a flat tire. I was horribly embarrassed, but they said not to worry about it and that they would have their “friend” come pick them up.
    I’m on my hands and knees trying to change my flat tire when a black Cadillac Escalade rolls up and Ryan Gosling hopped out of the back and herded his friends in the car. I thought that would be that, but he walked over to me and told me he was calling a tow company to take my car to a shop and get a new tire. He thanked me for helping his friends, said “Good luck, buddy,” and disappeared into the night. He also put the tow and the tire on his card. Needless to say, I think Ryan Gosling is a good guy. © lejefferson / Reddit

What encounter have you had with a celebrity that left you with a good memory?

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