19 People Who Ran Into Celebrities and Barely Kept Their Cool

2 years ago

In order to meet a celebrity or a movie star, you don’t have to visit red carpet events or other places that are hard to get access to. You can accidentally meet someone famous at an airport, a cafe, a stadium, or even on public transport. Of course, at such moments, we don’t waste the opportunity to take a selfie with a star.

Here are 19 people who were lucky enough to meet a famous person. We at Bright Side are happy that some celebrities respect their fans and agree to take a picture with them.

1. “My dad sent me a picture of my mom and the ’nice young man’ (Chris Pratt) at their table at a charity dinner last night.”

2. “Met The Rock at work today. He was the nicest. He goes to the gym I work at.”

3. “I met Patrick Stewart once. He’s the kindest celebrity I’ve ever met.”

4. “Met Peter Dinklage while playing soccer in Toronto. He was so nice. I was a little too excited I think.”

5. “I met Christian Bale on a 5-hour plane ride. I’d love to talk to him but I don’t want to bother him. He was cool though.”

6. “Jeff Goldblum stopped my brother in LAX a few years back after commenting that they looked a lot alike. He was thrilled, to say the least.”

7. “My buddy met this strange dude (Jeff Goldblum) wearing a dinosaur shirt and zebra pants.”

8. “My grandma (who’s 99 years old) met her favorite actor (Denzel Washington) today!”

My grandma was a librarian in Mt. Vernon’s NY Public Library for 50 years. If you’ve ever met her, she will tell you the story of how she gave Denzel Washington his first library card and how he was the cutest thing and how wonderful he was. I have heard this story easily 300+ times in my life. The women at her nursing home wanted to do something special so they tried to contact Denzel and get him to come or call, and he ended up calling and talking to her on her birthday. On the call, he said he would be in our city in December and would stop by and voila, here he is! He was so nice and caring, laughing with her and holding her hand like he was old friends with her. He teared up a few times seeing the love and respect she showed for him. © metalgamer

9. “I met Arnold Schwarzenegger at the gym.”

10. “Met Pierce Brosnan a.k.a. 007 this evening. He felt bad for interrupting my birthday party!”

11. “My dad with Muhammad Ali in the 1970s”

12. “I also recently met a ghostbuster, Bill Murray!”

13. “My friend’s face when she met Bryan Cranston”

14. “My dad with Robin Williams in Kandahar, Afghanistan, 2010”

15. “I have a taxi business and my driver met Linda Hamilton, commonly known as Sarah Connor, the other day.”

16. “Just met Steve Buscemi and told him he was a Reddit legend and he wasn’t sure what that meant but he said he was happy about it!”

17. “Well, I’ve met some interesting people in my time but this one has just made my night! It’s the guy from the ’Hide the Pain Harold’ meme.”

18. “I’ve met my idol — John Cena!”

19. “My friend met Jeff Bridges at the Gallatin Field Airport (Montana, USA). Coincidentally, he just happened to be wearing this shirt.”

The shirt says “The Dude” which is the name of the character Jeff Bridges portrayed in The Big Lebowski.

Do you have photos with famous people? And did you recognize the man with the bushy beard in the first photo?

Preview photo credit Lawsonstruck / Reddit


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I love how easy these celebs are. They just go and do it, like ordinary people, no entitlement, they hug and smile. They deserve lots of respect :)


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