19 People Who Were Lucky to Buy Things They Won’t Leave, Even for a Million Bucks

2 years ago

It happens that new things we buy bring only disappointment. Some things get broken pretty fast and have to be sent to the trash. Others turn out to be not as good as they were advertised by their manufacturers. This is why the things that serve us for a long time and make our life easier capture our hearts.

At Bright Side, we searched the internet and found the people who were lucky to buy something they enjoy using.

1. “A dry erase marker on the fridge was a game changer for me. It saves me so much food. It also makes it easier to plan meals.”

2. “I purchased a dehydrator, and will make my money back in 2 months making healthy snacks for my daughter.”

  • If you don’t feel like slicing the oranges thin, you can use them to make fruit roll-ups. Blend them up with apple, banana, and flaxseed and spread them out on a silicone mat to dehydrate. © Adriannee / Reddit

3. “It’s way more comfortable than a normal straight desk. Having both elbows supported on the desk is a game changer.”

4. Motion activated lights

5. “My partner and I are shift workers. A glass container is a game changer! This is a week’s worth of food.”

6. “I spent years cleaning my driveway with a cheap electric washer. This year I bought a gas washer with a surface attachment.”

7. “I bought a fabric shaver. Best purchase ever!”

8. “I got a new mug for work: the lid/coaster keeps tea warm for a long time.”

9. A sewing machine

10. “I just bought my forever-stove.”

11. “It turns out these ugly rental cabinets didn’t have to be ugly all these years!”

12. A wooden massager

13. “I finally bought a mini carpet cleaning machine, and wow!”

14. “I came across this brush attachment for my drill. It’s made cleaning so much more efficient.”

15. It’s better to buy a glass measuring cup with raised measurements than a plastic one with painted measurements that wash off.

16. “I’ve had this knife since I was about 12. It was about 40 years ago or so.”

17. A robot vacuum

18. “I bought this backpack in 2010. It has been my cabin/ hunting/ travel/ school bag. No tears, and all zippers are fine.”

19. “This car mat is really great.”

What thing did you buy that became a game-changer for you? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit CivilEngineerThrow / Reddit


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