19 Photos From Japan That Will Make You Wanna Rush to This Country and See Everything With Your Own Eyes

2 years ago

Japan takes second place in the rating of the world’s best countries. The criteria for compiling this list were dynamic development, quality of life, cultural influence, and other indicators of a highly developed country. At the same time, Japan manages to keep the balance between progressiveness and loyalty to centuries-old traditions.

Looking at these photos, we at Bright Side were assured once again that the Land of the Rising Sun is the place where kind people with rich imaginations live.

For the Olympic Games, the Japanese created unique kimonos for participant countries. For example, here are the kimonos for the USA, South Africa, and India.

“When you ask a Japanese person to make a sandwich for you.”

The railway stations are equipped with these booths. And here is what you can find inside them:

“I’ve been in this Japanese post office so long they brought me some tea.”

When you need help at a train station in Japan, the station staff will literally pop out and help you.

“I fell in love with these small blankets with buttons that I saw in Japan.”

You can buy goodies from the station keeper on the subway. This girl brags about jam and apples that she bought at one station and about noodles that she got at another station:

Umbrella rental machine. The sign says, “You’ll be glad to have a rainy day!”

“Almost every bookstore in Japan offers you book covers for the book that you buy so that no one on public transport knows what you are reading. They also have many handmade fabric covers for sale.”

“The exam rooms of Japanese gynecologists are equipped with chairs that you sit on and they lift you automatically. Also, there is a curtain between the patient and the doctor so that you don’t see each other.”

“We don’t have the 12.5 mcg pills that you need. So we split 58 pieces in half and put each in its own bag. Will it be ok for you?”

Japanese vending machine adapted to its surroundings

Guard rails for pedestrians in Japan

Night bus in Japan

They say it’s impossible to become an insider in Japan. I went to the village where I used to live in..."

“I go to a cafe, “Sweetheart, we missed you so much — we will make an egg roll for you, for free.”

There’s a privacy button that plays sound in the toilet in the background in Japan so your sounds won’t be heard.

The police stations are not boring here.

“15 years later in Japan and I still think the food models here are amazing!”

Totoro greeting you good morning.

Would you like to visit Japan? Perhaps you have already visited this country and can tell us something interesting about it?

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